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OZZO™ SATURN displays time using two stainless steel spheres rotating around the dial with a magnetic mechanism like planets in our solar system.  When creating this line of watches, we used a special super-strong and light alloy. And the combination with wood gives these models strict and unique designs which the guaranteed to attract many looks. Our bestseller and the piece of art we are most proud of!

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Funniest thing anyone's said so far: "Hey what time is it? Half past blue?" but 99% of the other times it's more like "HOLY CRAP THAT WATCH IS AWESOME" and I say "I KNOW!!" There are a lot of strange novelty watches out there. I love this one because it straddles both worlds: It's got the look of a professional design that's grounded in logic and reasoning. It's still round and the hands still go around in a circle like a regular watch. On the flip side it's mesmerizing face looks different every time you look at it. The shades of blue and dark are perfect. It's also got a really excellent strap that can be locked into place at nearly any position.

Lavon S.

This watch is definitely something different and unique. I like the sleek dial free design. The band adjusts easily. Also, love the combination of colors blue dial with the black wrist band.

Lisa W.

My husband loves this watch. I am so glad I brought it to him. OZZO - it's an amazing company!

Mary R.

This watch nicely underlines my image. What I was looking for!

Walter L.

Comfortable watch. Look very unusual. They sit well on the arm. The strap does not irritate the wrist. I recommend. Very friendly support. Helped by answering all the questions.

Michael L.

I am delighted with my new ones OZZO. This is amazing. I confess when buying I was afraid that it would be difficult to read the time. But you get used to it very quickly and now it seems so convenient. Super!

Ronald T.

My favorite watch brand is OZZO. This model is very pretty. Elegant and graceful. I wear watches for all styles and looks. You can dress simply, but this watch will add a complete look. The watch itself is of very high quality. Many times they fell from me, often accidentally hit them with my hand, water got in and nothing happens to them at all. I recommend the brand of this watch. And the next watch I buy is definitely an OZZO.

Olivia M.

Excellent quality and design. Love it. I have been looking for a replacement for my old watch for a long time. Very happy with the purchase. Recommend.

Perry H.